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Bridge Rectifiers
Terminal Blocks
PCB & Circular Connectors
Sensor Actuators
Heavy Duty Industrial Connectors
Lightning & Surge Arrestors
Interface & Relay Modules
PLC & Safety Relay
Monitoring & Timer Relay
Modular Convertors ( Analog )
Serial Interface Convertors
Power Supply units
Industrial Wireless Communication
Controllers ( PLC ) & Automation Software
Touch Panel & Web Panel
Industrial PCs
Industrial Network Solutions ( Switches )
Bridge Rectifiers
AC Axial Fans
DC Brushless Fans
Large Axial Fans
Centrifugal Fans
Backward Curved Fans
DC Capacitor ( PG6 Grade )
IGBT Snubber Capacitor
Single Turn
Multi Turn
Rotary Servo
Wire Wound Servo
AC Axial Fans
DC Brushless Fans
Toggle Switches
Rocker Switches
Zener Diodes
Schottky Diodes
Axial Diodes
FRC Connectors
Euro Connectors
Micro Switches
Glass Fuse
Resettable Fuse
Metal Film Resistors
Electrolytic Capacitors
Disc Capacitors
EMI Filters
Fuse Holders
Plug Sockets
Power Cords
Rocker Switches
Key Lock Switches
Rotary Switches
Push Button Switches
Metallised Polyester
Metallised Polypropylene
EMI Suppression ( X2 & Y2 )
Ceramic Capacitors
Piezo Buzzers
Sockets & Plugs
Edge Connectors
PCB Connectors
Fuse Holders
Terminal Blocks
Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers
Power range from 5 Watts CW to 50 kW Pulsed Covers Frequency Range from 1GHz to 96GHz Pulse & CW TWTA
Cable Glands ( PVC & Metal )
Flexible Conduits
Polycarbonate Boxes
DIN Rail
Wiring Ducts
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